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Tree Services in Nashville, Tennessee

We provides always our best services for our clients and always try to achieve
our client’s trust and satisfaction..

Tree Trimming & Building Clearance

As trees grow they may end up encroaching or hanging over structures, lights, buildings, parking areas, etc. Through proper pruning techniques we can give your trees the best chance at continuing to grow in that space.

Tree Removal

Unhealthy trees pose a risk to people and property. Let us mitigate these risks for you. Our team is trained in modern tree removal techniques and up to date safe work practices.

Commercial Property Tree Management

Just like in our yards and landscape we need trees in our commercial and public spaces. Trees provide shade and many other benefits regardless of the location. Let us help you manage them!

Stump Removal

We can get rid of unwanted stumps. Helping you enjoy more of your yard or landscape.

Storm Damage Response

High winds and neglected trees can be a recipe for disaster. Not only are we experienced in getting big trees off your house we can help navigate the insurance process. GIving you relief during a chaotic situation

Crane Assisted Removals & Access

There is no substitute for big iron. Heavy equipment and the right plan go a long way. We’ll bring the right tool for the job. High tech solutions and heavy lifting are paramount to safe tree removals and dangerous tree problems.

Tight Quarters & Limited Access Solutions

With the inevitable development of urban areas comes the unique problem of access. Trees are often blocked in by new construction which presents new challenges. Precision tree work with
no margin allowed for error is our specialty.

Tree Risk Assessment

Big and tall trees can be scary. If you know what you’re looking for they can be less scary and more beneficial. Trained to identify potential hazards and defects allow us to help you make the best decision for your trees.

Proper Pruning

Our team of trained arborists can determine the best approach for managing your trees in the built environment. Our pruning techniques minimize stress and improve tree health.

Tree Climbing and Technical Rigging

Similar to rock climbing and caving, we also use rope access techniques to access hard to reach trees. Swinging from the top of the canopy is part of what keeps our work interesting. Creative rope rigging allows us to use creative problem solving in a meaningful way.

Tree Cabling, Bracing and Support

Through the help of steel or dynamic support we can prolong the life of your tree. Preventing wind damage with the professional installation of cabling or bracing hardware.

Lot Clearing & Construction Prep

Take full advantage of your property by clearing or removing trees that are in the way of building or adding on to existing structures.

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Where do I even begin. Hudson and his crew have been such an amazing asset to us. Living on a farm, we constantly have issues with our trees falling, limbs breaking off, Etc. Hudson and his crew always show up to complete the projects on time, and at a very reasonable price. His treatment program has also been very successful with some of our more valuable trees. We can’t say enough great things about this company, and look forward to having them back out in the future.

Michael Paszek Pegram TN