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How Does a Tree Service Company Cut Down a Tree?

In the realm of professional tree services, Champion Trees in Nashville, Tennessee, stands as a beacon of expertise and efficiency. When it comes to tree removal, our skilled technicians utilize a systematic approach, ensuring that each tree is removed safely and meticulously. But how exactly do we achieve this feat?


Step 1: Evaluation and Planning

Before the saws come into play, our arborists conduct a comprehensive evaluation of the tree in question. Factors such as the tree’s size, type, health, and proximity to structures are carefully considered. This crucial planning phase helps us decide on the most appropriate equipment and technique to employ, minimizing risks and guaranteeing a smoother operation.

Step 2: Preparing the Area

Safety is our paramount concern at Champion Trees. We initiate the process by securing the area around the tree. This might involve removing smaller plants, furniture, or any other obstacles that might impede the tree removal process. We also set up barriers and signs to keep bystanders and properties safe from harm.

Step 3: Making the Cut

Once the area is prepared, our skilled team gets down to the business of cutting. The technique selected often depends on the tree’s characteristics and the surrounding environment. For smaller trees, a simple felling might suffice. However, larger or more complex trees may require sectional dismantling.

In the case of felling, a horizontal cut is made low on the tree’s trunk, followed by a wedge cut. This guides the tree to fall in the desired direction. For sectional dismantling, the tree is carefully taken apart in manageable sections, starting from the top and working downwards. This method is particularly useful in confined spaces where precision is crucial.

Step 4: Lowering and Removal

For trees that are sectionally dismantled, each piece is lowered to the ground using ropes or cranes. This controlled descent prevents damage to the surrounding area and facilitates easier handling of the tree segments. Once on the ground, the pieces are cut into smaller sizes, making them suitable for transportation and disposal.

Step 5: Stump Grinding

After the tree is down, the stump remains. At Champion Trees, we offer stump grinding services to remove this leftover piece. Our powerful grinders chew through the stump, turning it into mulch or wood chips. This not only leaves your property looking neat but also prepares the ground for future landscaping or construction projects.

Step 6: Clean-Up

A hallmark of our service is the meticulous clean-up we undertake post tree removal. Our team ensures that all debris, including branches, leaves, and wood chips, are cleared away, leaving your property as pristine as we found it. If you wish, we can also leave the wood chips for your use in landscaping or mulching.


Why Choose Champion Trees for Tree Removal?

  • Expertise: With years of experience under our belt, we possess the knowledge and skills necessary to handle tree removals of all complexities and sizes.

  • Safety: We adhere to strict safety protocols, ensuring that our staff, clients, and their properties are protected at all times during the removal process.

  • Equipment: Champion Trees is equipped with state-of-the-art machinery and tools designed for efficient and safe tree removal.

  • Customer Service: We pride ourselves on providing exceptional customer service, working closely with our clients to meet their needs and exceed their expectations.

At Champion Trees in Nashville, Tennessee, tree removal is conducted with precision, care, and a deep respect for safety and customer satisfaction. From the initial assessment to the final clean-up, each step of our process is designed to provide you with a hassle-free experience and results that speak for themselves. Entrust your tree removal needs to the experts – reach out to Champion Trees today!